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Viale Traversa Fiorentina, 6

59100 Prato (PO) - Italy

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c/o IUF - Incubatore Universitario Fiorentino


Via Madonna del Piano, 6

50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI) - Italy 

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We firstly look at what people do, listen what they say and watch how they naturally behave in their working environment. We explore the problem’s domain through observations and draw conclusions that rely on facts.

We use ethnography to visualize findings and identify real-world problems of each "personas"

Introducing: Smart.M
Smart.M is a set of business solutions based on smartphone and tablet mobile apps. These apps can be timely prototyped, introduced and integrated within few days in the company's environment thanks to:
a) rapid-prototyping platforms, that are made available from our partners.
b) service-design thinking methodologies and user-centric design, to reduce the risk of failure when enabling new processes due to mobile tools.


After we gained a clear understanding of the situation, we articulate problems, find real needs and identify the true motivations behind customers’ behaviour. We then carefully explore the domain of the possible solutions an define which are most suitable.


We rapidly (in few days) develop blueprints and prototypes of these solutions, discuss and ask users to download our apps and use in theri work. We then collect feedbacks, assess the costs and prepare a proposal to deploy the solution in the form of "pay-as-you-go" app.


  • Increase data flow

  • Reduce costs, error and paperwork

  • Improve work quality and productivity

  • Collect data and develop analytics

  • Smart.M are available as stand alone or integrated solutions, fully compatible with almost all information systems



Cofely - Suez - GdF

The Cofely Maintenance App has been prototyped and released in few days to meet the requirements of having easy-to-use applications that, in the context of the provision of Facility Management services, could support the collection of field data. Cofely fieldforce as well as technicians of external suppliers use this app when providing emergency repair and on-call technical interventions to air conditioning systems, elevators, electric systems and panels, etc. Workorders are issued by an internal call cnter, that receives calls from complaining customers and assigns interventions to the corresponding technicians from internal crews or some specialised suppliers. Irrespective of their smartphones and devices (e.g. IOS, Android, Windows), this mixed workforce uses the Cofely Mantenance App to read their daily work assignments, the register the time of interventions and to notify the faced problems,  taking pictures and notes. This valuable information are then used to produce quarterly reports for the customer organisation and discuss avenues for improving and renewing the conditions of the facilities.

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