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Introducing: SMART.P




With SMART.P you can design a model of your manufacturing system. You can make inquiries on individual machines, considering how and if the real performance differs from the theoretical one, that usually differ due to faults, stoppages, variability of loads, limited capacity of internal buffers.

With SMART.P you can evaluate analytically the performance of each machine in the line, as it could be achieved under different operating conditions. Then, attention can be put on how to relieve the constraints imposed by most critical machines. To do this SMART.P analyzes the performance of each machine according to the variation in production volumes, times and in any other sensitive parameter of the line. It’s possible to identify "bottlenecks" and how they affect the performance of the entire line. Last, you can evaluate the effects of interventions, modifying the simulation model inside SMART.P, in terms of increased production, increase of contribution margin and so on.


Our proposal provides that, after a first period in which we measure the performance of the line, we proceed to the implementation of the same in the simulator. Thanks to the counters of good pieces produced by each machine and to the throughput diagrams of the buffers we can evaluate the performance and the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). 




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